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MAC: Final report on EEA migration published

Employment / 08 October 2018

“There is no way to change the migration system without creating winners and losers” – (MAC Report, September 2018)

A new report of the Migration Advisory Committee (the “MAC”) titled “EEA Migration in the UK: Final Report” (the “Report”) has been published.

The Report focuses on the economic and social impacts of EEA migration in the UK. It reassures the reader that EEA migration “has had neither the large negative effects claimed by some nor the clear benefits claimed by others”.


The Report:

  1. Recommends that in a “no deal” Brexit reality all migration is managed “with no preferential access to EU citizens”.
  2. Calls for easier access to highly skilled migrants but does not specifically provide for lower-skilled entrants, apart from an extended youth mobility scheme proposal.
  3. Bids to reduce the bureaucratic burden on sponsor licence holders and to remove annual caps on numbers of skilled migrants entering the UK.
  4. Supports the current charges regime.

These points were largely reflected in Theresa May’s recent speech at the Conservative conference in Birmingham. Her position will likely require employers who wish to employ EEA nationals post Brexit to obtain sponsor licences under the skilled migrant regime.


The Report was published on 18 September 2018.


Eligible EEA nationals may wish to consider available options for immigration status regularisation such as:

  1. Registration certificates or residence cards.
  2. Documents certifying permanent residence.
  3. Naturalisation as a British citizen.

Employers may wish to:

  1. Devise clear post-Brexit business strategies and communicate them to employees at an early stage.
  2. Self-audit and monitor the number of affected employees and their relevant right to work records.
  3. Assess reliance on a workforce which includes European workers and plan accordingly.

We can assist you with immigration queries and what can be done to prepare for Brexit. If you have any questions, please do get in touch with Ina Iteva on +44(0)20 3691 2076 or email

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