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How the Food Hygiene Rating System works

Food / 26 June 2017

A food safety officer will visit your property, assess it to identify any problems, and score you accordingly under the Food Hygiene Rating System.

A low score can be damaging to a business, as it can ‘put off’ customers from coming to your property.

The inspector looks to see if you have achieved three things:

  1. Confidence in your management of the business – are you doing all you can to comply with food hygiene law?
  2. The cleanliness and structure of your property.
  3. Do you keep the records you’re required to do e.g. Temperature control, complying with your HASAP.

Once they have finished their assessment, they will decide what score you are entitled to have.

The best score is ‘5’, with the worst being ‘0’.

How we can help

If you feel you haven’t had the right food hygiene rating score, please do get in touch. We can help you appeal that decision, or provide advice in order to achieve the standards required. Call Kathryn Gilbertson on 01733 887621 or email kgilbertson@greenwoods.co.uk

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